December 18, 2017



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I am very grateful that we are able to ask you questions and even more grateful that you answer them.  In the consciousness of One reality, one being….   What does the statement “God bless you” mean?   In the gospels at the Last Supper Jesus took the bread and blessed it before breaking it and sharing it with those present.   When I asked a Jewish person what blessing means in this context, they said it was a form of thanksgiving.  But there is also the aspect of people ‘blessing’ other people or objects or lakes, etc.  Could you please clarify if there is a connection?


To bless is to invoke the favorable support of God, or whatever we understand the benefic force of life to be. It’s the simple idea of asking for the infusion of divine help for someone or some endeavor. Traditionally this was done by priests who were considered intermediaries for God work on earth. Nowadays we use the term ‘blessing’ casually for support and approval.



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