May 26, 2012

Big Bang Observer.


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On the aspect of the need for an observer for the quantum wave function to collapse, and for existence to exist, then who observed the Big Bang?


In Vedanta, ultimate reality or Brahman is understood to be Sat Chit and Ananda. That means that reality is uncreated existence, or Sat, it is self-aware consciousness, or Chit, and the experience of reality is pure joy and love, or Ananda. The universe or universes that emerge and subside into this reality through the phenomenon we call the big bang already contains the principle of observation in the form of consciousness or chit. So the self-interacting dynamics of existence itself is sufficient for the collapse of the wave function.



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  1. SerefOzkan ( @serefo )

    I observed it,, at leadt some trillions of my atoms did.

  2. pistismaitreya

    In the beginning there was darkness, and I`m not talking about creation. If I would have known the bomb that had been strapped to my chest was a dud I would have been a little more patient. Now I can be. Namaste.

  3. nozombium

    All of what potentially could exist, existed as potential. The Universal Consciousness needed observers to collapse the wave function. Once the potential was there, it sprang to existence, as there is no TIME from an astronomical perspective. We simply experience TIME in a linear fashion. Observers, such as us collapse the wave function going all the way back to the Big Bang, because we exist, because the Universal Consciousness needed us to. The entire timeline exists as a sand box, and we create sand castles one grain at a time.

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