March 19, 2021
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Being Ignored.


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My future sister in-law refuses to talk to me or acknowledge my presence at any family function. I’ve tried to talk to her and she either gives one word answers or just flat out ignores me. Her family, including my fiancé, allows her to act this way because “that’s just the way she is” so I’ve let her attitude slide for almost 3 years now but I’m reaching my breaking point and I’m afraid I’m going to say something to her out of frustration and hurt my relationship with the family. I’ve tried showing love but it just turns into anger that she behaves this way for no reason. This situation now causes my fiancé and I to fight because I want him to stand up to her or try to talk to her. I don’t think she will ever be willing to have a relationship with me. What can I do to at least keep my relationship with my fiancé healthy?


If the family of your future sister-in-law says that is just the way she is, then her treatment of you is not personal and you need to see it that way. If she didn’t speak to you because of a physical speech impediment, you wouldn’t be angry with her. Think of her rude behavior as a product of a kind of emotional injury that keeps her from being civil in social situations. Her unhappiness and pain is not about you, it is about her past and problems that you do not understand. Let her be and focus your attention on your relationship with your fiancé and things that you can change in yourself.



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