September 19, 2017

Being and Action.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I’ve been on a type of spiritual path since I turned about of 20. I say ‘type’ because it’s not particular to any traditional path and unique to who I am.  I’m not ‘religious’ as I don’t believe in the structured form of religion. I believe in the divine in all. I do not believe in evil vs. good as these are human constructs.  However, I am struggling with the ‘being’ is enough.  This is very hard for me to fathom as I believe we all have a ‘divine path’ a need to share our spirit with the world, in the work we do.   Why I am struggling with this is someone once gave me some advice that it’s not the ‘doing on earth’ that I should focus on – but the ‘being.’  I do this all the time through meditation but still have this intense need to ‘do.’  I have to move – in order to feel ‘right’ with myself.  Then I started to think – maybe I have it wrong?  Maybe I need to really just take more than the 30 minutes a day I use for meditation, quit my job and spend my time as a spiritual seeker through meditation all the time…

Anyway, I’m somewhat confused by the ‘be’ requirement of spiritual mastery.  Maybe you can shed some enlightenment. 

BTW:  I’m also contemplating the whole ‘teacher’ idea – meaning do I need a ‘teacher’ at all in the physical sense?  Is it possible to continue to read spiritual books on your own without the guidance of a physical person to give you guidance through meditation etc.


I agree that the divine path we walk and through which we share our spirit with the world is an action. However, when we are fully awake to our being, then being and action are not incompatible, and in fact are complementary aspects of the non-dual reality.  Emphasizing the priority of Being before action is important, because action is a given as long as we animate a physical body, but self-realization isn’t, and by putting the emphasis on Being,  that ensures that our action will have the most evolutionary influence upon ourselves and the environment as a whole. The divine intelligence of your Being is your true Guru, and that is theoretically all you need for guidance. But if you like, you can also draw guidance from any source or person that accurately reflects the truth of your inner teacher. 



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