July 24, 2012

Balance in Life.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How do you find the balance between romanticism, spiritualism and realism in your daily thoughts, actions and emotions?


Todos los aspectos de la vida son expresiones de y están regidos por la inteligencia cósmica del centro ó núcleo de nuestra conciencia. Ese es el campo desde el cual la naturaleza regula y armoniza toda la diversidad en la creación. Así que,  para encontrar y crear un equilibrio en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida individual, tenemos que ir a la fuente de la inteligencia, la alegría y la creatividad en el centro de nuestro ser. Esa experiencia del ser superior en la meditación equilibra automáticamente todas las áreas de nuestra vida.


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  1. Sarah Drury

    Hi For me, everything I experience and perceive relates to energy, vibration, frequency, density etc. I have noticed an immense shift which has not been easy to integrate as I was trying too hard to find the correlation between my old mode and the newer, more `energy centred` perception. Romanticism seems irrelevant now, and emotions are a new vocabulary, perceived firstly as an energetic frequency which is, if I choose, `translated` or stepped down into an emotion or sensation or whatever. Or it can be just energy. It freaked me out at first, but I`m getting used to it now. Spirituality, that has taken on a whole new meaning. More intergalactic I suppose, awareness of consciousness beyond Earth and our Solar System. The understanding, knowing, believing that in the wider picture, life is a game, we learn, we love, we suffer, we create, we are God, we are Goddess, we die, we live, blah de blah until our lessons are learned well and we move onto new experiences. There is no wrong, there is no right. Experience, ultimately energy, frequencies, vibrations, however one perceives. This gives freedom, realising our inherent creative power, and also great potential. So Spirituality becomes, in this perception, inherently personal, experiential and unlimited by convention and traditional views/perceptions. Its about personal responsibility, personal growth and developing unity conscious, harmonious ways of co-existing as a race. Realism, that`s a big one, imho. Seeing oneself in new ways is quite disturbing, owning all those `dark` shadows. But to have a complete vocabulary of experiencing, there is no light without shadow and vice versa. Same with aspects of sexuality, moving away from traditional, monogamous ways of relating, into less conditioned, broader-minded experiences, whilst maintaining personal `integrity` and respect. Just a perception.

  2. gerrodl

    in our core is the balance of true nature and extension of the universes balance within us , to get to that balance is through meditation , meditation is the straight way to universal balance. Right I hope I got it?

  3. mariela seibert

    why i cant see the answer in english???!

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