September 4, 2016

Bad Energies.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How can we sense bad energies, without letting the ego or the imagination take the lead? How can we totally trust the intuition? Sometimes I get allot of vibes, but find it really hard to know if it’s really my soul felling these energies or it’s only my ego that’s being scared. I’m a sensitive person, so I pick up on allot of things, but the imagination can also be a problem.

I’ve learned PSM, will this help my intuition or should I just trust the destiny?


Instead of sensing whether the energies are bad or not, try evaluating whether they are useful for you at this time or not. If they are, then determine how you can best interact with them. If the energies do not have a role to play in your life at this time, then simply ignore them and put your attention on something that is helpful. This pragmatic approach will help you avoid letting your imagination create stories out of these experiences.



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