June 6, 2023
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Hi Deepak, since my awakening I haven’t been able to settle into being awake or fully let go. It’s like I’m constantly fighting it e.g. taking control of my breath, keeping my mind going/activating my mind and I seem to be afraid to settle into this awakening. I know it’s happened and there is no going back, but I didn’t ask for it or had ever been spiritual before it. In my environment I am so alone in regards to this and it’s still kind of crazy to think this has happened to me, providing my background, the dysfunction of my past and the life I grew up in. Ever since awakening happened it’s like I’m scared to settle into it and accept it, like my ego has been running alongside it all along if you know what I mean. It felt great for a while then this massive resistance set in which has been around for a long time. What can I do to make that final let go and relax into it? Thank You for reading this and for your advice and wisdom you have provided in the past.



Congratulations on your great spiritual development. The fearful reaction you mentioned is coming from your conditioned, familiar self. You did ask for it.  Your old, frightened self is holding on to your ego mind because it is afraid if it lets go then there is nothing to take care of you. It thinks your life will fall apart without it. The fact of the matter is that your ego never really ran your life anyway, it just imagined it did. Your higher self has been in charge all along, so there is no danger in letting go and relaxing into your own existence.

You can reassure your ego personality that it still has a useful role in taking care of the details social interactions of your life, but it no longer has the impossible responsibility of trying to understand and control everything. So once it fathoms that, it will come as a huge relief.  Just give yourself time and be patient with your old self as it makes the transition. Once the adjustment is made you will feel great freedom.



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