July 5, 2023
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How can we overcome the anxiety that comes when we meditate?.


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Dear Deepak, Since beginning meditation, I have found that after almost 2 weeks of daily practice, I begin to feel anxious. My anxiety levels rise to the point where I stop meditating. In the first week of meditation, I found the practice healing but as I enter the second week and find myself going deeper, the anxiety begins. I feel like I am hitting a wall. Do you know why this anxiety may be occurring and how I might move past it? It’s like a switch, I go from feeling very grounded and positive to a complete panic and low mood. I have had issues with being true to myself and having self-acceptance. Could this have something to do with it? I really would appreciate any advice you can offer as I’m feeling stuck and would like to find a way to move forward with self-healing.


The anxiety that cropped up in your second week of meditation is a by-product of the expansion of consciousness you experienced in your first week. That growth of awareness starts to purify old patterns of emotions and self-esteem. This purification can stir up uncomfortable feelings as the old conditioning clears out. Continue meditating and treat these anxious feelings as you would any other thoughts that pop up in meditation, by simply returning to the mantra. Soon the meditation will release those anxious patterns and you will find a deeper, truer level of self-love and contentment.



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