November 1, 2017

Animal Cruelty.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Cruelty and abuse to animals (and of course to any person) just devastates me and I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of how can I live in a world that such things happen and these cruel people do such heartless acts! I am not able to save these animals (the only thing I can do is is add my name to activist petitions) – what can I do to stay sane? Also, when I see how smart and feeling animals are (from pigs to even chickens (and apart from how they are often housed and treated inhumanely) I feel guilty for eating pork, beef and chicken etc. Is it horrible to eat meat or should I become a vegan?


I understand how upsetting it is to see cruelty around us in all its awful forms. I applaud you for keeping your heart open and honest enough to really see and feel what is happening, instead of numbing yourself or pretending it doesn’t matter. Your sensitivity means it is all the more important for you to keep your sense of wellbeing, identity and truth grounded in your core awareness through a spiritual practice. That will keep you from feeling emotionally overwhelmed and powerless. Outside of meditation it is also important to align your actions with your intentions for a kinder universe. That means become the change you wish to see. Even if you can’t afford to donate money to these causes or adopt a lot of pets, you can still make it a part of your life to be kind and understanding to everyone and every form of life around you. For some people that may mean being vegan, but not necessarily. Some of the most spiritual and kind people I have met are non-vegetarian, but when they do eat meat, it is humanly raised and they eat it consciously and with gratitude and reverence for that life.



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