April 13, 2021
Ask Deepak

Angry at Angry Boss.


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Hi I have a nice job and a lot of respect and status too. Sometimes when the boss gets angry and is not too nice, which is rare, I get very, very angry and want to leave.  I know he is decent and I’m hardworking and sincere, but I get so mad I want to leave the job…is it my ego…is it my not ok feeling?.. I am good at my job except when I get blocked due to criticism? I want to change and outthink my troubling behaviour. I think I am not good enough. How can someone be rude to me when I work sincerely and hard? I know it is silly but I am not able to improve this habit. What should I do?


You fully understand you are competent at your job and that your boss is generally a nice person, but on the rare occasions he gets mad, you get angry and want to quit.  Yes, I’m afraid that sounds exactly like the immature reaction of the ego mind.  When it flares up like that take a few moments to recenter yourself with some calming breaths and reassure yourself that it is not personal. He is not telling you that you are a bad person or that you are unfit for you job. Do this whenever something like this arises, and eventually your ego will get the message and your wiser self will prevail when similar challenges pop up in the future.



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