January 20, 2017

Action or Inaction.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


If something goes wrong should we leave it in God’s hands or deal with the problem or let justice take place? How can I become a better person or be in better physical or mental health?


Sometimes circumstances require our action, and other times not. Often it is necessary to step up and take action when it is appropriate, but we don’t want to assume that we are necessarily the means through which the wrongs we see must be are redressed.  The important consideration in determining the best course is to make sure you are acting from your higher self, and not from your ego’s perspective of trying to fix something your ego doesn’t like.  If you take your cue   from your true self, then your actions will be guided toward the most evolutionary outcome for everyone involved.

There are endless ways in which you can improve yourself, but a simple idea that I use is to ask myself how I can be of service to others. If you are exercising your gifts and abilities in such a way that others benefit, then you will certainly be improving yourself as well.



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