October 26, 2021
Ask Deepak

Aching in Meditation.


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When I meditate, I get this strong, dull ache in the back of my neck, then it moves to my inner ears, then it moves to my nose, then back into my head between my ears, and then my head seems to ache for the rest of the day. What is wrong with my head? Are my cervical vertebrae out of alignment, causing nerve problems? Or, is it a blocked energy that cannot be freed from my head? Either way, I’m tired of my head always having a dull ache. Please advise.


It could be due to blocked energy that is being cleared when you settle down in meditation, or it could be due to some mental strain or concentrating during meditation. I don’t think it’s simply a misalignment of vertebrae since it only happens when you meditate. But regardless of whether it is either of the first two reasons, the thing to do when the pain begins is to ease off your meditation practice and let your attention be with the physical sensation in your neck or wherever it is located. This attention will help dissipate the block or discomfort. After some time you will find that your mind will have drifted from the pain to other thoughts. This means that you are ready to go back to meditation, very easily, very gently without any mental forcing or effort. And when you have finished your meditation, it is important to take a few minutes sitting quietly with your eyes closed to come out of meditation gradually, so that you complete the process before you begin your daily activity. This process will get you through the blockage and also back to an effortless meditation practice and so eventually the discomfort will go away.



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