November 26, 2020
Ask Deepak

The Role of the Ego.


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After many years of reading and studying yours and others’ wisdom, on an amateur level, I still cannot understand the place and the role of the Ego in everyday life. I don’t, at all, understand how you don’t/shouldn’t have expectations in life. If you don’t have those, what is your life supposed to FEEL like and BE like. I don’t know any other way. Please, help.


It’s not that as a normal human being you shouldn’t have your individual likes and dislikes, or hopes and expectations. But as your core self becomes awakened, the ego’s role changes and no longer dominates as your sense of identity or center of reality. That means that you might still have your personality traits, habits and preferences, but you are no longer attached to or emotionally invested to them the way you were before. So if life events turn out differently than you expected, it doesn’t affect you or make you upset. Instead of being disappointed or angry, you are open to seeing if the change is offering a hidden benefit you hadn’t foreseen. This development of consciousness occurs gradually through meditation, it does not arise by trying to feel unattached or living without expectations.



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