May 30, 2014

What is the Biological Basis of the Placebo Effect – Ask Deepak.

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  1. Elan Star

    Bravo Signor! The Placebo effect is the most amazing demonstration of the effects of belief .. of context of interpretation. There are not enough books on the actual placebo stories . A lot of science on it but the stories are what are so amazing I am deeply surprised there are no comments on this. Deepak you are so far ahead of our ability to keep up with your media output... You will lvoe the above Placebo shows links ..some of the stories are not in the clinical reviews yet and many are. 

  2. Goodatthis

    You did not give a single answer to the question. All you did was ramble about what the placebo effect was.

  3. ChannelFabudabulous

    Hallelujah. Thank you! 

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