December 8, 2011

What is Spiritual Healing ?.

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  1. Marie

    I would really really love to see a video series on spiritual healing. WOudl it apply to any disease? like Parkinsons?

  2. Steve Hook

    Dear Deepak, your work is to me significant I`m dealing with a very harsh reality with my Life. Devestating things occurring to me I was close to the edge . I`ve just watched Many of your videos which have helped me to Balance my soul The beauty of life is astonishing yet it can also demonstrate massive shifts If you find the need for new art I am an artist I`d love to offer you some of my art if you find anything you like in my You can google Ron redbubble to see my art I have been adding your videos as many will prosper from your thoughts In deep respect for your energy and healing ways Sincerely Steve Hook

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