October 21, 2014

Vladimir Ermakov & Deepak Chopra – One World.

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  1. Katie Mynette

    I listened to a quite lengthy talk of Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I found most of what he said , to be right on! I don`t have a problem with being a Human Being. I especially enjoy being a female. I guess, most of you, would consider my World to be quite small, with the lifestyle I have in my native home, in the Heart of Kentucky? I do not think we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. I think we are most definitely Human Beings. The only out of the country experiences I`ve had, are south of the border, in Mexico and Guatemala. I`ve been to the border of Canada, but the U.S.A. would not let me cross. I`ve never been across the waters. To let you know, that I`m most certainly Human, I`ve been having a bit of a junk food problem recently, so for all of you out there, NEVER give up on a GOOD thing in your Life. I have good self esteem, and no ego. I look forward to the day, that all the Peoples of the World come together, and have a blast!! Sincerely, KATIE.

  2. Love Devotion

    es bueno ser un idealista

  3. Marcia Farias

    ¡¡¡¡¡Chico idealista !!!!!

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