July 24, 2012

True Happiness.

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  1. Evaristo Martínez Velasco

    Remember that, God is the only one autority on the world and in the universe, who can decide who will win, or who will loose. Because HE IS THE WRITTER, AND WE ARE THE STARRINGS AND CO-STARRINGS. We are only INSIDE a story. So, the best way to make a drem true... is HOPE.

  2. Evaristo Martínez Velasco

    No, Sorry, but the real reason of why the law of atraction doesn´t work... is because THERE ARE SEVEN UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. And the fifth, and the sixth ones, are the reason: Fifth is THE RITM: left step, right step. And it means: I earn, I loos & so again. And the sixth one is CAUSE AND EFFECT: What did I seed? What I get from my seeding?

  3. The Soul's Answer to Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working

    Happiness is illusive when we are seeking it. But it occurs to us that we are happy when we are being authentic, being present in a moment to all that the moment holds.

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