November 28, 2012

Thirty Days Of Intent – Practicing Zen.

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  1. Angelus

    Is using ironing and using a washing machine simple enough to be considered healthy? I'm planning on learning them. But I'm not a fan of learning as much devices to use as possible. For example: I hate the Iphone-trend.

  2. Grace Serena Christie

    I like meditation walking hiking and sometimes running. The American Indians practice energy work they gather energy so they can run like the wind like they are on air it feels that way when they do it. I like this Zen stuff the practice of focus on self and what you can do and not just on things a lot. People make work for themselves they try to look busy when sometimes they need to just feel or think be quiet maybe listen to the higher self. Grace Namaste

  3. Amir Eghbal

    What kind of martial arts practice is best as far as spirituality is concerned? I am studying yoga and I have a Guru and working on gaining discipline with my Sadhana but at the same time, the more enlightened fighting practices, have their own type of discipline and it is difficult because it makes the path unclear and two fold. I am not sure if you know what I mean.

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