April 29, 2014

The Meditator – Seaside With Poem By Tagore.

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  1. sylly

    The last four years have been a very difficult time for my family. We lost in 14 months my father, my brother my brother in law and my mother. Life felt distorted for all of us. How could this have happened? I left my life in California to care for my family. Now everyone is doing better . I on the other hand am not. Now that they don`t need me I feel abandon. I`m renting a room working in a job I hate and that isn`t even close to my profession. I feel defeated. I struggle financially. Hard to save to get back home. Often think of my loved ones who are no longer hear, wishing we were all together again. My health is not good. And I`m feeling stuck. Help. Show mew how to get myself back on track, back home and doing what I love. I miss California.

  2. Carol Iamurri

    It's wonderful wonderful

  3. Joanne Cooper

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