May 6, 2014

The Meditator – Meditation in Forest With Tagore.

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  1. michele grenier


  2. Doris Beaton

    A few moments of peace

  3. Aleksi Allu Kyläkoski

    So I have a question towards rebirth or towards a paradox? The idea is that we would see the existence as frequencies, vibrations and energy. Of course also in the forms of matter but the sum is the sub-total. I have this idea of a heart monitor. In heart monitor there is the pulse and then comes silence and another pulse. What if the heart monitor would be the universe? We would all die and rebirth and die as a pulse. Nothing of us would travel to the next life but the cosmos would transmigrate. Also towards the idea of rebirth is the idea that a candle can be lit with a matchstick or by a lighter and it's still the same candle, so, in a way different actions might bring similar outcome. If that would be the case then for rebirth isn't needed the exact same genes and environment but some sort of pulse. The paradox is that nature wouldn't care if there would be two sets of the same pulse coming to existence. Of course there could be a flow of Tao from the previous birth to the next as actions and reactions but still the possibility is for them to split. Who would I then be? How in nature there could be only one of the pulse in the existence at the certain moment? How could it be just constant flow of the particular pulse? Get it? I'm not a big fan of souls transmigrating or that mental energies flow from birth to the next. I'm towards the idea of a pulse but I can't figure out how in existence would be one single pulse at the certain moment.

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