December 11, 2012

The Meditator – Meditate By A Lake On A Winter’s Eve.

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    dataviva, that`s fantastic that you were able to get sleep in a minute, that`s called Yoga Nidhra [or Yoga induced sleep] which is all bliss, great keep meditating whenever you don`t feel the need, trust me.... Mariela Montagna...if! after meditating you felt terrible, then you definitely need to keep on constantly meditating, you would need a lot more time, in fact a lot more meditating to get to the other end of the cycle. Yes! what I`m writing doesn`t make sense now, as words can convey and mean so little, keep meditating and you will succeed.

  2. sam

    You almost knocked my socks more slowly. Mallika you have a beautiful voice. just sound more sleepy - pretend you are soothingly talking v softly to your baby or someone about to jump of a cliff. i know i`m no expert, but i thought i`d share my unsolicited advice like a jewish Mamalah

  3. Patty Batallas Guerrero

    Thank you and thank you from my heart

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