February 14, 2013

The Meditator – Down By The River With Tagore.

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  1. Yogesh

    Tagore was truly myriad minded....a modern sage...He studied,knew and experienced what `Upanishadas` have taught us... I always cherish the `company of Tagore`...He has always been my companion through thick and thin. ...(and yes...i`m not an old guy...haven`t crossed 30 yet :-)) Deepak sir is doing stupendous work by unraveling & bringing such precious gifts (from ancient and modern times) to us. Thank you Deepak sir.

  2. Irena Barwicki


  3. Karin Weidemann

    I have subscribed to the Chopra Well. Watched a great interview with Gotham, Deepak, Lisa Ling and Vincent Fox!

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