March 24, 2012

The Major Problem With Science.

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  1. Canadian Girl

    Ok, yes! I agree with Deepak`s science opinion because it `fits` me. I tried the Sunday School, the Church and I didn`t fit in, get it, like it although I went and observed. I like buddah however the complete package is not me either. I am not Athiest yet not entirely Agnostic but perhaps more Agnostic than anything. I believe in the `belief` of something whether the evidence is tangible or not. I`ve studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and have a certification in that and it teaches quantum language which includes hypnosis. It is very fascinating and so my opnion the Science strategy is this: if we are looking for something, and collectively imagining it, it will appear, and then scientists will claim this as evidence because their belief system revolves around "facts". They "need" facts and evidence in order to believe, however I do not. I need just the belief to be or feel strong enough..and that`s it. This is my opinion. When a thought goes out there from someone in the world, it circulates and then someone else catches that thought...and so on and so on...and then we create the "perceived" reality of the thought....which could be anything, maybe even a new planet, then the scientists "discover" this new planet throughout their "researching" and yell AHA! THERE IT IS FOLKS, EVIDENCE!! hahaha. This is sooo fun to debate and talk about. Just feels right!! Keep up the great insights Deepak. I have a similar belief system and enjoy your books, and website. l o v e

  2. Canadian Girl

    You cannot see the forest for the trees; is the saying :) You cannot see the big picture, as your are immersed in the details. You have to get out of the forest to see it, because while you are in the forest, you only see the trees that comprise the forest; but you cannot see the forest as a whole. When you are focusing on details, it is more difficult to see the issue as a whole, as you can only see the details that comprise the issue.

  3. Robin Caig Clark

    You are the universe. We all are. The you inside and the world outside are inseparable. One holds up the other. Though they appear as two, they are really one. A mutual interdependence where consciousness goes together with reality. A woven fabric. Existence is relativity. An invitation to dance.

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