January 24, 2012

The Future of Well-Being.

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  1. Colin Naidoo

    I attended the Durban, South Africa event on The Future of Wellbeing on 19 March 2015 I wanted to find out when the presentation will be available for download. I was a Guru guest at the event.

  2. marii


  3. Poonam Dronamraju

    I watched the movie "The Shadow Effect" on OWN which was Debbie Ford`s version of the Shadows in our life that you describe at the end of this video. It was rewarding to know that you explain it extremely well in the principle "Tat Tvam Ahsi", I see myself in others and that after years of reading that chapter in the book I have finally understood the true meaning of the words that were spoken in the book. Absolutely grateful for the guidance.

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