February 29, 2012

Teacher’s Achievement Awards – Deepak Chopra.

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  1. Deborah Shemesh

    In 1987, I was frustrated with the Western statistics of Stage 1V cancer. Around that time; an ABC Executive handed me the book Quantum Healing. In addition, to IL2 with gamma interferon, surgeries, and chemotherapy I embraced mind-body-healing. I read, and re-read Quantum Healing, I attended support groups at The Wellness Community, another mind-body-healing group in the famous celebrity LA area. I discovered psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and included visualizations, embraced shamanism, aromatherapy, channeling, and restarted the practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Today, my mission is in alignment with Deepak Chopra`s, I am testimony that his theory of mind-body healing has worked. Now, a Chopra University Instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation, and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, I will attest that these practices will not only make you feel better, they just may enhance your ability to create anything, and everything you want. One key, try not to let you EGO get in your way and explore all possibilities. Thank you Deepak, you opened the doorway to the memory of health. Today, I am a proud teacher of Chopra Center University. To read my own story of healing, please visit my web site at Deborah Shemesh.com or visit Chopra.com and find a Chopra Teacher in your area. Open the doorway to the memory of health. P.S. After 11 mets and receiving the last rights three times, I have now been cancer free for 11 years. On the teacher`s path! Deepak keep rolling, we`re listening. I loved hearing your history Deepak, love from a devoted tribe member of CCU. Deborah Shemesh

  2. angelsgrace

    Fascinating, very interesting to hear your story and thus understand some of who you are as a person, and your unique story, thanks for sharing. Found hearing about the beatles and maharishi and michael jackson particularly moving. Thanks

  3. Ron Alvarez

    Deepak , you asked this question and I happen to have the answer for you. Q. Does consciousness create the atom or does the atom create the consciousness? Consciousness creates the atom by the energy field, consciousness is, the universe is filled with energy ,electronuclear strong and electronuclear weak forces and electromagnetic energy? This electric field is the fundimental make up of universal consciousness. This energy (creates the atom) that manifests into mass, particle formation with gravity , the atom creates elements by manifesting electron signals (chemical bonds) within the atom in order to bond to other atoms to make the desired element. This electrical signals that gives atoms the ability to attract other atoms (chemical bonds) is not a random event but orchestrated by universal consciousness . Ron Alvarez Addendum to the secret of mass that declares the atom is fundamental life form. http://secretofmass.weebly.com/

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