May 28, 2013

Stories of Survival – Veterans and PTSD with Mallika Chopra, Levi Newman, Rob Schware and Rick Collins.

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  1. dana maiello

    Thank you for goggle "hang out" and Milika! I am a mother of a combat marine veteran who is putting on an fundraiser event to give back to Veterans 360 who rehabilitated my son back into society. I am so ever grateful for saving my son. Event Date: Dec 10th Wednesday 4:30-9:00 pm. Facebook Veterans360 to get to link for more info/doantions and guest speaker Jim Symond Live streaming on that evening. Salute the Brave! Peace & Life, Dana Marie Maiello, Tucson,AZ 

  2. CommanderFluffington

    in school im doing a presentation on this right now

  3. Nitin Thakur

    Good job all involved in making these Hangout.Thank you.

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