November 9, 2012

Spiritual Solutions – Bringing Awareness To Animal Issues.

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  1. Betty Holzwarth

    Just how I think. I get so depressed and upset about what is going on in the farming industry and the cruelty to all animals!

  2. Nicole

    We are all operating at the best that our level of consciousness can. This means that we have many steps to go through and what we understand is what determined our beliefs and actions. Thank god that many do hold such high compassion but beware the ego for it fools us all until we truly realize it (it ) is the ego. I have been where some of these that have commented here and now I understand holding anger and pain and helplessness truly is no place to be. Now even though it`s horrifying what humans do to our animal family, and I still feel sick when I see it, now .... Now I know that no person can actually hurt them bc they are GOD, as are we. They are not their animal bodies just as we are not and while they feel pain in the abuse, they are untouchable.

  3. PivotalDude

    If Jesus were alive today, He`d certainly be distraught, Because the animals of Earth, Are not treated as they ought. That`s one of the stanzas from a poem that is within my book, Reality Check, which covers, among many other things, the urgent need for society to change its position on animal welfare. It`s available at

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