December 9, 2011

Spiritual Healing Part 2 : Negentropy.

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  1. dan winter

    generalized conjugate origin of negentropy

  2. N.Rama

    Does it not boggle the mind to think that at the Big Bang a most chaotic state would have existed that resolved into an ordered Universe that entropy is attempting to disorganize? I am curious as at what age of the Universe the phenomenon of entropy began its machinations. I shall let science revel in its dying worlds as I remain in my Eternity.

  3. Dina379

    Thank you Dr. Deepak Chopra, I absolutely love your youtube videos. I admire you! I am in the process of spiritual healing...I love to meditate with these questions...and hope to get my answers. I find that I fall asleep during the meditation, which is upsetting. I think I know what I want. Similar to previous person's comments, I want good health, fulfilling career and financial security....almost feel that I miss the answer because of my falling asleep :(

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