March 17, 2012

Scientific Understanding of Consciousness.

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  1. Elisabeth De Wachter

    Very nice explanation about the difference between the Body ( Matter) and Spirit( consiousness)!

  2. bobmackee

    What is this rambling nonsense? This guy has very little idea of what he is saying. The argument is roundabout and unintelligible ... just utter hand-wavy garbage.

  3. Eric Ericsson (Sweden)

    The relation is like in a dream. Who create the body and mind you have in a dream, and where is it? Who create the 3D world you are running arround within, and where is it? Its in consciousness. When you jump in a dream, who createes the force that drags you down? Its in consciousness. I sometimes get full awarness within a dream, then i know the world is not bound by anything then myself, and i can change anything and do anything, then there is no more gravity pulling me down, the dream does not longer "happen" for me to experince, i create it as i want to see it and do within it what i want. The real world and a dream world are the same thing just different states of consciousness

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