October 12, 2009

Science and the Superstition of Materialism.

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  1. MrMentalflossed

    i used to think highly of deepak,.. but the more i saw of him the more i saw his materialism and sell out nature,..the high fees and a price on knowledge, his view has to be skewed by this ,..for instance ona spiritual basis it is a form of prostitution to sell of yourslef to people like FOX news in a segmant where they are using propaganda to further the rich power over the poor,.. knowledge is great, knowledge is pure, sad to see it perverted for money and fame.

  2. Kurtis Kunesh

    Powerful understanding of our deeper source reality & well spoken ! I bet Dr. Chopra studied with Dr. Amit Goswami the Quantum Physicist who just did the film "The Quantum Activist".

  3. Silver Screen Productions

    lol. u are cute

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