August 14, 2014

Sages And Scientists – War Against the Earth with Vandana Shiva Part1.

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  1. Katie Mynette

    I know a little about the commercial agriculture problems. They don`t let the land lay fallow, they don`t rotate crops. They use chemicals that deplete the soil. I appreciate this indian woman. I never liked problems. I like solutions. The problem is GREED, isn`t this so? American money is the only money in the world, that says, "In God We Trust." I live in the state of Kentucky. I don`t approve of growing tobacco to make cancer sticks for people to smoke. The governor of a state, gets the taxes from cigarettes, unless this has changed? I don`t keep of with many politics, but that`s the way it always was. The Dalai Lama said, to be careful what you do for a livelihood. In other words, it`s not o.k. to do anything just to get money. At this time, I don`t really want to be a leader, or set an example, or be a pillar of the community, but I can tell you, that I don`t have children, but I`m concerned about other people`s children. So, maybe I`m an o.k. person? I would also like to say, that I like being a girl. Yes, I`m a woman, but in Kentucky, many of the guys always refer to you as a Girl, and I`m not offended in the least. I`m so happy I`m a girl. I have no desire to be a man, although my dad taught me to be friends with men. I knew when I was a teenager, that I would not bring children into the world. I figured, that there were many of them here already, who need homes. At the same time, I never wanted to be a Mother. My mother died a few years ago. But, I can be a good friend. KATIE in KENTUCKY.

  2. Clover


  3. Nessurr

    I Can`t wait to share lend my voice and share my lens on this issue. This woman mirrors me. Bless her soul.

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