March 14, 2013

Rupert Sheldrake – Detailing the Issues.

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  1. Patske

    the video doesn`t show :-(

  2. Raj

    Dr. Sheldrake is lamenting about his inability to get projects funded in the alternative medicine or similar projects in UK, Does it have anything to do with Science, Materialism or Atheism ? Or is he thinking British government or scientific community in England are the sole guardians of the empirical knowledge of humanity called science? It is stupid to think that 800 billion dollar cancer cure products and services industry or similar large medical business organizations would be interested in the alternative medicine…. Why would he think that these private organizations represent science ? It is unfortunate that Dr. Sheldrake knows only about 400 years of scientific history, but science started its journey thousands of years ago, when mathematics was used in field of economics, metallurgy, weaponry, architecture in the many parts of the world. Complete cancer cure has been discussed in the Ayurveda thousands of years ago... Probably Dr. Sheldrake will need to follow the example of Amateur scientists like Rick Simpson, who are ready to risk their own life to save themselves and others. Yes we need more Rick Simpsons, Grandpas and Grannies who are ready share their knowledge for the greater good of the humanity, and not greedy scientists who are after money and fame.

  3. Kathy Klander

    Link above says the vieo is private ... was it remove?

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