October 26, 2011

Reversal of Aging Part1: Timeless Mind.

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  1. hexum7

    choppy, you clearly are aging. badly at that

  2. Aquamabella

    What impact impact if any, does the world`s perception of us have on the aging process? - I ask because someone dear to me recently explained that she was considering an aesthetic facial procedure because she wanted the world to see her to be as young as she felt. Similar to studies showing the impact that thoughts have on water when specific words where posted on the jars which contained the water, she explained that she believed that the thoughts and opinions of her projected onto her by people she came into contact with (thoughts pertaining to how old she looked ) would impact how she aged and ultimately how old she looks regardless of young she felt.

  3. Magicprincess9000

    I really respect what Dr. Deepak Chopra is doing....Thank you Dr.Chopra for bringing the awarness to people like me

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