April 11, 2012

Multimodal User Interface of Consciousness.

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  1. Jimena Lopez

    Excelente material te tengo una tecnica que esta cambiando la vida de muchos, visita mi canal 

  2. Meera Rasadurai

    Self - the most complicating subject - Consciousness is difficult to control ... FLOW ... SILENTLY ....

  3. Poonam Dronamraju

    I did have to read that paper about 3 times before I could really understand all the implications of what was said Donald Hoffman "Sensory Experiences as Cryptic Symbols of a Multimodal User Interface". I am going to begin to look at the lamp on my desk, a rock, a tree in a whole different light, the fact that I might not be looking at the objective reality but that the rock, tree, my brain activity is just a "User Interface" or a dumbed down version of what they really represent, just like an icon for a harddrive, is actually not the hard drive itself, when I write files to the hard drive there is a behind the scene drive/platter system or in terms of solid state a solid state device where the files and folders are stored, the icon for the harddrive just facilitates the ease of use of storing of files. I loved the following quoted from the paper "Conscious realism claims the following: The objective world, the world whose existence does not depend on the perceptions of a particular conscious agent, consists entirely of conscious agents. According to this claim, consciousness is fundamental in the universe". The fact that consciousness is fundamental to the Universe. Even at the elementary particle level what Donald Hoffman`s paper states "On this interpretation the elementary particles have no dynamical properties unless they are observed, and only when they are observed. That is, they are dependent on the observer for their existence. Thus, they are not part of the objective reality, but part of the user interface, the MUI.". So even quantum mechanics is just MUI. Absolutely spectacular paper. Absolutely grateful to you for exposing us to this depth of knowledge.

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