July 15, 2014

Lauren Anderson & Deepak Chopra – One World.

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  1. Man Doe

    Suicide so prevalent? Duh. Big Pharma is mostly to blame. If you notice the trends of suicidal people, well, they're usually on anti-depressants, Xanax, etc. all of which will make you MORE depressed and MORE suicidal. Wakey wakey. Critical thinking has left the Country...

  2. David Donavan Lucas

    That message is for everyone especially for Miss Sunny Lane.

  3. David Donavan Lucas

    Like, Like, Like Just an Author who'd like to off some info. I have (just) written a book that covers many things and the most impressive is: The Love of Self. Here's what Amazon has said -- "Set your body, mind and spirit in the right direction with the words of Dr. D. L. Lucas and his guide to life --- Ducks & Dodos Yes that is the name of my book. It is a work from over 20 years of study and research. Bless you, D

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