June 24, 2014

Ken Kobayashi & Deepak Chopra – One World.

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  1. MotherMary Speaks

    Your mind can make you sick or it can heal you. Believe it, See it, Achieve it. This is true. It is an ancient 'secret' in all religions.

  2. Loa Pioneers

    I used to read everything on the law of attraction, to attend all webinars, to subscribe to all newletters. However, I got confused in the multiple techniques on do this but not that, try that but not this, etc etc etc Then I realized the key was to go back to basics.... there were no TV or internet or newletters 100 years ago. Get this free e-book on www.loapioneers.com ....it explains you how to get what you deserve: Happiness, Health, Wealth

  3. Neela Pillai

    Holistic Healing is the way to go now.Intervention only when necessary.

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