May 29, 2014

Is Integrative Medicine Becoming Mainstream? – Ask Deepak.

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  1. Elan Star

    It is Mainstream and more. the rise of Integrative principles are fast transforming the way we look at health and wellbeing and the relationship of mind body Spirit and beliefs and most of all "Relationship" and context... Lifestyle adn diet and meditation and the thousands of other modalities that make life more balanced and therefor enhance the mysterious but powerful "Wellbeing".... WHY are there not more comments here????

  2. flye-by-nyte

    I think that alternative medicine is more mainstream on the east and west coasts in the US. Where I live it`s still frowned upon. One of my friends who was earlier diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue in another state is being forced to go through the diagnosis process all over again because Chronic Fatigue is still not easily accepted here. We are all sick of the doctors throwing medication at us. I believe it was in the local news that local doctors finally decided that meditation might be beneficial to health. Still there is hope, this is the first year where my insurance accepts acupuncture under very limited circumstances and I have heard that one of the children`s hospitals is finally experimenting with integrative therapy.

  3. Kare Sarich

    Thanku very much That was so HelpfulX

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