January 3, 2012

How The Universe Arises From Zero.

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  1. itzahazylife

    Everything is always nothing and nothing is always everything. Reality is the ultimate symbiosis. It is unaccoutable to causation. It is everything, always. Nothing creates it. Nothing authors it. Everything/nothing already is. Within that zero/infinity lies every possible manifestation of reality, much like an empty paged book holds every possible manifestation of a written story. This is a good analogy to imagine nothing and everything being the same.

  2. itzahazylife

    Within nothing lies the possibility for everything and anything. Zero can be expressed in an infinite amount of ways. (-1+1=0) is one way. This is our universe. It always maintains an equal and opposite. Space- Up/down, left/right Time- past/future. Energy- Positive energy/ negative gravitational energy. As long as it mainstains equal and opposites, the equation always equals zero no matter the universes size. (-1+1 =0) or (-1,000,000 + 1,000,000 =0)

  3. MegaLaurava

    Deepak deberían publicar algunos videos subtitulados en español! Besos y gracias!

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