September 27, 2012

Holy Facts – Ouija Worship.

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  1. Kat Reed

    My sister swears when she was in her early twenties, a Ouija board foretold her of the man she would meet and marry. She did meet a person that fit all that it predicted, though it did not predict the marriage would not last. She had also claimed she played with one that had an evil spirit one time. Being ten years younger than my sister, didn't really play with them, my sister would have me play when her friends weren't over. In my late twenties, my then mother in-law started to dabble in spirituality and she purchased a Ouija board. All was fine when we played, and even predicted a few things that came true, but something broke (don't remember) and she had me take it back and get another one. When I returned we opened the box, and I got a very uneasy feeling, something wasn't right, but we set the board up and began to play. That feeling got worse and the board was doing really weird things, and spelling things that were evil in nature, so I asked if the spirit was a good spirit, or a bad spirit. First, it went crazy, but then wrote "You don't want to know me" and that it was here to do bad things. We immediately took it back, and have never touched one since. I'm not one to believe in ghosts and things, but that was really weird and that feeling I got before we even started, was a feeling of something bad, really bad. 

  2. Mark Troy

    I am a medium so I totally enjoyed the open minded and objective approach here

  3. UrintheTwilightZone

    As an intuitive somewhat involved in the occult, I will say that Ouija boards can be quite dangerous in the hands of one whom does not know what they're doing. I would never personally use a Ouija board (although I do use tarot cards) and would not recommend it unless you are of high spiritual strength.

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