March 19, 2013

Holy Facts – Miracles.

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  1. Gia S

    It's all projection of energy. ♥ Deepak your son is sooo cute! First time im seeing him. :)

  2. Grayson - Rock Your Life

    We don't need other people for miracles. Yeshua himself said, If our faith is big enough we can do what he did and much more. And thats true, speakin of own experience. When Yeshua healed somebody he said your faith helped you, your faith healed you. He didn't said 'I healed'. Just the faith of the other person. So the next time, when someone wants money for a 'miracle', go home. Beside there are no unexplainable miracles. Everything is explainable. But we're a young species, little bit dumb maybe, and our science is still just scratching on the surface. 

  3. inthydreams911

    In the beginning he dismisses Icp idea that everything even rainbows and magnets are miracles, then talks a bunch of blah blah, and then gos back to say everything in life is pretty much a miracle like clouds and your birth parents meeting up.

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