February 26, 2013

Holy Facts – Birthing.

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  1. Aliyah Goin

    Spells=prayers, magick =miracles, all things connected and the kingdom within you....all contain the true "breath" "essence" or spirit of God....use of the quantum knowledge to produce benefits. Its been around a lot longer than any monotheistic religion....we know the world if billions of years old and mankind as well, where religions only keep a history of about 6,000 years... ie the first written thoughts of how things work was Judaism....hence ONLY a history of THEIR beliefs...they also believe in magick -Moses, Solomon, healings etc They also have an androgynous god, both male and female. Wicca is a reawakening of the ancient beliefs of power of the mind, the energies around you, herbal healing, and doing good.


    Giving birth . Most people love there children , but did you ever wonder why you had children and the process involved in having children , Would you have children, if you knew, you and your partner , were just Nannies for God and the Angels , and that your children were not your own , Humans have souls , the soul controls the body , and the soul is controld by an Angel in Heaven called your higher -self , God created Bodies long for souls to incarnate into from Heaven , God created enough bodies that had a code inside them that could create more physical bodies that souls could incarnate into . Many people think that there children are there , that they created them or that baby belongs to them , But in fact we cant create life simply by having sex for a short while , if you was asked , to create a physical body , you would not be able to do so , the nearest thing you could do is say I would have sex to make a baby , So you can see that the babies Body and soul has to be created by a power much greater than our own consciousness , that power is God , Although we love children , we are in bondage in many ways by having them , if you are a parent you will now only to well the responsibility it takes to raise one , this is a burden in many ways , you will always be associated with the child as long as you live and they will in many cases turn to you , for support as long as you are alive, Having children is a process participated in emotionally weak and selfish people, it is not a spiritual experience is can be painful exhausting , and damaging to the physical body , It is a selfish act to have children , no one has children for the benefit of the child , they will bring that child into circumstance's that the parents are in and in many cases this can be ,poverty , hardship and emotional dysfunction, The child born , will have to live by the beliefs and , emotional and moral standards of the parents , this can be very hard on a child , your beliefs including religious beliefs can be very wrong and very selfish , and cold hearted , and then those parents will project those values on to there children , some people think it is ok to have children on a low wage or whilst , claiming unemployment benefit , ask at this point , do you want your children to be brought up poor or on the lower scale in human society . To bring a child into this world , it would be wise to bring that child into a safe society , and into financial abundance , so that they would never need be a slave to a system where they will be forced to work , for low wages in a dead end job for an employer they may not even get on with , this is irresponsible behaviour . This world has a polarity between dark and light , we have sickness, poverty hardship, greed corruption , lies , sex offenders child killers and all other sorts of ills in this world , good sense would tell you perhaps its not right to bring children here . So why do we bring children into this world , the reason , is because we feel separated from God and the Angels , and we know death awaits us all , so we try to compensate by passing a piece of ourselves on after death , so that we can keep the cycle going of life, because we don't know that Heaven awaits us all after death , many people have a connection to God, and the Angels , and are aware of many spiritual truths , but perhaps not all . Life is designed this way , By God and the Angels , Humans only have enough free will to believe , so all actions are done through us our thoughts and actions are controld by God and the Angels , and who and what we are is our karma .

  3. Oddyellano

    Very informing, just the filming of it get's a little too trivialising. Flashing disconnected pictures on and off too much can mislead the mind. Though I totally agree with the basic message: Wicca is a religion like any other--it can be used for good or bad intentions.

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