September 19, 2013

HELP DESK | Our New Show on the OWN network!.

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  1. annepalmer

    My adult daughter has Lyme Disease. She saw a clip from your "Help Desk" in NYC where a lady with blonde hair and a pink sleeveless shirt was about to speak to Deepak Chopra. She never saw the rest of the interview. It was about two or three weeks ago. She would love to see that video. Is there any way to get that? Thank you!

  2. LindaJane

    I am so grateful for this forum and for the current and past spiritual leaders. Thank you and God Bless You All! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  3. Kupcake14

    Just started watching the Help Desk. Came to my life at a perfect time! I am working through self esteem after becoming drug/alcohol free for 2 weeks at a detox center. I know I have so much internal/spiritual work to do now. I have always loved the writings of Deepok Chopra as well as Gary Zurkav. I am finding new spiritual/life coaches/intuitive healers on the Help Desk program that are truly amazing! I hope someday the Help Desk comes to my home of Phoenix, AZ. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

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