March 7, 2014

Dr. Michael Roizen & Deepak Chopra – One World.

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  1. Sheryl J. Craft Derouin

    Put tough times in a jar; and seal them away, take out the joy, you'll never lose it, it plays over and over in your mind!....yes, even when you die! Sheryl J. Derouin

  2. Sheryl Craft Derouin

    I think the idea of turning back time or increasing our life span is a wonderful thought, but A`s an individual, with my own joyous thoughts, i think that I`d only want to increase my life span if my significant others could A`s well. I`d not want to be left A`s a burden to anyone, especially my family, A`s you know right now, we age, we die around the same time A`s the rest of our generation, and although no one wants to die, I`m so spiritual, i see, hear, and feel, and i would walk with my god at anytime he decides. I think I`d be sad to live without the rest and i think we should go, why? To make room for new souls to inhabit the earth. I believe we are here always I`n spirit, my mother, my father, my others who have passed, i don`t want to wait another hundred years before we see each other again. I will be here I`n spirit, to watch over them, but i think heaven is beautiful, I`ve seen it a few times, near death`s colors are beautiful, like a friend of mine sends, and i always think now intensive that color a million times! The most amazing thing is that it doesn`t hurt your eyes...Namaste` have a blessed day all`" Many thanks to Deepak Choptra & Michael Roisen both MD`s love Sheryl J. Derouin RN ( retired) " heaven isn`t so bad after all"

  3. Michelle Arthebise


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