June 1, 2012

Conversation With Deepak – Hardwiring The Brain.

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  1. jofrelly

    Deepak...I really helped myself when I taught myself how to write with my right hand. Even how I viewed my appearance changed. (was kinder)...and meditation is the missing link; been doing it for 15 years..(o: XX Joanna

  2. 777zag777

    May I ask, how did you experience these other realities? Was it in your head? Some sort of astral projection? I`ve tried something like this to get me through grad school....pretended that I was meeting with myself in a parallel universe where I had already accomplished what I wanted.....it didn`t work though, as I`ve had to withdraw from school....but I`m still trying to believe I can accomplish something in my life....

  3. AnyaRogersTv

    Very interesting! What an odd and interesting combination of people! Congrats @PerezHilton for your new being!

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