March 2, 2012

Celebrities and Barack Obama.

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  1. Jamil

    "rconley" don`t tell Deepak Chopra what topics he can or cannot speak about. He can speak about whatever topics he wants. You just don`t want Mr. Chopra with all his followers to influence this election because you know he can. If anybody is good at racking up debt, it`s the Republicans on the space program and the military. They sure don`t mind racking up the debt when it`s things they want money spent on. Thankfully no thanks to the Republicans our culture keeps evolving and will continue to evolve at an even faster rate because of internet communication. Thank you Twitter for being part of this amazing evolution that brings Deepak Chopra`s wonderful and love filled messages.

  2. forrestlamb

    Thanks so much Deepak, as always. If we can just focus on being happy and making each other happy, we can change the world. If something isn`t making you happy, find a way to change it or find a way to let go of it. Happiness is a vibration, let go of any dissonance you can find and watch as your life blossoms...

  3. Bea Lamshöft

    there`s the caste of celebrities and the caste of the rest

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