April 15, 2013

Ask Deepak – Why Does God Allow Evil.

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  1. david kennedy

    Read stephen batchelor; confessions of a buddhist atheist

  2. david kennedy

    God if IT exists would be neither male or female as chopra seems unable to fathom. He does this gender thing continuosly. If you hear any teacher refer to the One in this way know them to be seekers not knowers. Deepak has great knowledge but he is not enlightened.

  3. StudioADanceChelsea

    My personal feeling is that one must always remember that the Bible (and all spiritual books) were written by human beings who are not infallible no matter how well intended. What I have found through my journey is that you must follow what your spirit tells you is right, as long as you are virtuous in your personal practice who`s to say what the "correct" way is...don`t let society/dogmatic institutions try to force you to follow a path that doesn`t feel right for you! :)

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