September 26, 2012

Ask Deepak – Who Was Shankara.

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  1. Arunkumar

    Hello Deepak-ji, I am Arunkumar from Kerala, somewhat close to the place where Adi shankaracharya was born. as per the belief of people of Kerala and also as per few books I read about Adi shankaracharya was referring that he lived in BC 500s when I saw this video, I was wondering from where you got the Info that Adi shankaracharya lived in AD late 700s, then I searched in wwweb and found that in Wikipedia also referring to your AD 700s. but in Wikipedia talk I could see many rational points mentioned which supports evidently Adi shankaracharya was lived in BC 500s ( ). I am wondering if this is due to some conspiracy ?? I still cant understand why these difference of 1000+ years?? I think this needs a lot of research to conclude. Thanks a zillion for your videos of great wisdom ! Arunkumar Ravi :)

  2. Luca Todoca

    qualia is just a form of teaching. if you get stuck in it you become Catholic or alcoholic

  3. atntony

    Why? He has a point.

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