July 2, 2012

Ask Deepak – What Is Your Position On Obamacare.

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  1. Char Wedriech

    I believe we need health care however, Obama care is NOT the answer . It is INSURANCE care getting richer. the people will end up with nothing. It should not be forced. We need preventative health care and LOWER drug cost. we are fed drugs while people continue to eat irresponsibly. I do not want to be endoctrinated by somebody elses idea of what MY health is. We need a national tax on fast food. That would pay for health care.. We need to take personal responsibility for healthy choices.

  2. Sherry Turner

    This is such a great opinion of what healthcare should be. I am a healthcare provider in Canada and agree wholeheartedly with Deepak`s view of this topic. Especially of end of life care. I have helped with palliative care many times and wish we could just let go gracefully... with dignity.

  3. lsgray77

    I agree that health care for everyone is a moral choice for the country and I wish it had been made a long time ago. It is not right when families are bankrupted by illnesses or denied procedures bases on ability to pay. I want to live in a compassionate country. Thank you Deepak!

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