July 3, 2012

Ask Deepak – What is The Nature of Existence.

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  1. Nelson Ola

    Is not fear... let people to decide, dont be cruel, God y God .

  2. Soni Shalini

    It is fathom. sorry for the error.

  3. Soni Shalini

    “A leaf of grass is no less than a journey work of stars.” But we as human being do not fanthom the matrix of existence and for centuries we are imposing and exposing meaning to existence. Myths and stories abound our existence but all stories have dawn and doom with puzzlement. For myriad generations we have explored on earth revealing its majesty. Physical locations, people, literature, scientific methods, our religion, the discourses of the philosophers and life experiences may find answers to our own life mysteries but could not tap the real reality because it is infeasible to find through external searches. These research and discoveries, in fact distance us from our existence creating void between nature and human beings. As we search one meaning to other, just entangling ourselves and our existence which is far more grounded and glorious. Actually we need to know that it is not a university but the universe. Our inventions are child play, and pure and simple engagement to distract a destructive mind. We are no more humans but have become humanoid. But what really is the nature of existence? Our creation is a plenary glory, beyond any specific expression and is existential. No human mind can ever comprehend the layers of existence. It says many things without saying anything. It is the unified field of consciousness and the common essence of all existence, which is indestructible and always present. Existence is for those who are for existence, it has no specific language; it speaks from thousand tongues without any words, if we can listen to this subtle whisper of existence it is like enchanting music, a commune without communication. We are masters of mind and beggars of heart how can we understand existence? We are simply robot of physical world, more mechanical than natural. We would prefer to go on the forest safari than walk down the forest naturally. We have seen the gardeners, the farmers who are natural and exhibit different agility than a Politician who is tip to toe artificial from their getup to gesture. But still we feel safe in the sophistication of physical world than nature. But we all have experienced once or twice the beauty of existence while listening to good music or pursuing our deepest passion, we forget and flow for a moment, the world around us disappears and we are drowned in the soul, experiencing peace and tranquility and this is the moment we experience existence. Yes! When awareness experiences its own nature it sees itself as empty of any characteristics. When our awareness awakens, it finds a ground distinct from small self where it can see all phenomenon in outer and inner world as aspect of seamless whole .Our existence is like a wild forest, lives of its own and cannot be conquered and cannot be cut. If we step into it we embrace everything the good the bad, the feeling and the surprises. It is a journey within our self. The purpose is just to become a “feeling being,” then only can creation express through us. If we no longer have the desire to have, we will reach the place of observation, a state of non attachment, a plethora of euphoria, where we behold with an open heart the pain, joy and emotions of existence. “It is through the heart that we touch the sky” Rumi . Heart knows the connectivity through us and the universe. It is the door to divine. What flows from our heart such as, love, celebration, creativity are path to awareness that opens the door to inner self. We need not limit ourselves to our own preoccupations of ourselves but throw open ourselves out on a blank page that haven’t been written yet and see what story unfolds. Being present and aware recognizing our power residing in now realizing and forgiving our past faults, we merge to the one reality, one consciousness. Even if one individual soul achieves wholeness existence celebrates. It has been said “Blossoms shower and they go on showering”. Far away in the sunshine is my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead.”

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