May 4, 2012

Ask Deepak – What is Maya.

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  1. veramann

    Fuck those who hate. Chopra made $22 million of income in 2008.

  2. vidy

    Dr. Chopra, Physics today is finding clues that the world as we perceive it is entirely wrong. The concept of Maya is something physics is tending to agree to. I found this out on the NOVA TV Series called: Fabric of the Cosmos by Dr. Brian Greene. You should check it out. It blew my mind to find out a few other things that physics today with all the billion dollar equipment is still only getting clues to, our great rishis and the vedas have claimed from time immemorial. thanks,

  3. Luis Javier López Arredondo

    What is reality? Whatever your answer is, you are right

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